Farmers markets

Oh, I love me some farmers markets.  I love the festival feeling. I love the little individual stalls. I love the flowers. I love the fruits and vegetables. I love the hand made goods.

As it turns out, this week has been designated Farmers Market Week here in the State of Washington. Farms and fresh food are definitely something worth celebrating, if you ask me.


green beans






Gem loves the markets as well. She loves the flowers, especially, and all the colors, the crowds, the blueberries, and all the energy.


Today, we went to the farmers market in Renton. This one had a bonus of a kids area, staffed with volunteers, with homemade play-dough and cookie cutters to make ornaments.



Gem was so taken with the dahlias that an elderly woman working in one of the stalls gave her one.  Gem was beside herself.


Then she spent the rest of our time at the market looking for the white water-filled buckets that were used the anchor the tents.


Her flower needed water. So she she made a job for herself of finding all those water buckets, and dipped her flower’s stem in the water of every single one of those buckets at the market.

There are more farmers markets in the state than I imagined. I hadn’t even heard of the Renton market till we visited it today. Here’s a listing of more farmers markets in Washington State. Go check them out.

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