Dinosaur Ballerina

I posted on Facebook that Gem wants to be a dinosaur ballerina when she grows up, and my cousins responded with shock. The shock, it turns out, was appropriate. Unbenknownst to us, they were in the midst of planning a dinosaur ballerina birthday party for their soon-to-be 3-year-old. Their little girl is even more crazy about dinosaurs than Gem, and knows ALL the dinosaurs.

This should be cute, I thought.

I had no idea.

When we arrived at the birthday party, Gem was helped into a dinosaur tail and tutu.


My happy little girl was giddy. Dinosaur Ballerina!



The birthday girl’s grandma handmade dinosaur tails for all the kids, and coordinating tutus for the girls.



The weight of the tail dragging behind them cause the kids, especially the littlest ones, to exaggerate their waddle as they walked.


Cuteness overload


The lawn covered with littles followed by their tails.


A back yard dinosaur dig


Dinosaur ballerinas discussing books and their favorite dinosaurs



Even the birthday girl’s daddy had a tail.


Happy birthday, Isabella. Here’s to many, many more.


Wouldn’t you like to be a dinosaur ballerina, too?

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