Monday morning, from 10 to 11

The magic happens every day, but I don’t always take the time to stop and notice.


In just an hour of paying attention:


The air is the perfect temperature – not so warm or cold as to demand attention.

little artist

Watching an artist become

artist at work

The little one exploring – getting familiar with Mother Nature


And Mother Nature says hi right back.

mama bird feeding her chicks

A mama bird feeding her chicks…

mama bird feeding chicks

A perfect rosebud…


Mother Nature reclaiming a chair…

mother nature reclaiming

I find the magic every time I look for it. I just have to remember to look.

dancing baby

Every day is a gift.

WW Linkup
Every week I host a photo linkup where we share posts featuring a photo. It started out being called Wordless Wednesday, but… Bloggers? Wordless? Then we started calling it Wordy Wednesday. Now we just abreviate to WW, and you pick for yourself whether or not to get wordy.

Link up your photo post below to share, and we’ll be by to visit.

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