The Fortune Cookie: Our 2010 Christmas Ornament

fortune cookie ornament

Even before we got married, The Husband and I started a Christmas tradition where we pick out an ornament together to represent the year. I did not have any preconceived notions about what this year’s ornament would be, but once I saw it, I knew it was right.

fortune cookie ornament

A few days after he proposed, The Husband went out for Chinese food with some colleagues and his fortune said “You will be married within the year.” We were. We got married nine months later, and we had personalized fortune cookies made up for our guests as favors at our wedding.

This fortune cookie ornament reminded me of that happy fortune.

It also represents my attitude about this past year.  I feel so incredibly lucky: lucky to have such a loving and understanding husband, a beautiful daughter, and to have some of the best doctors in the world helping me battle cancer.

It’s also a great talisman to carry forward into the next year.  I certainly could use a little more good fortune.

Here’s wishing you all a season of great fortune: love, health, and joy.

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Seattle writer, Judy Schwartz Haley, blogs about raising a toddler while battling cancer, finishing a degree, and fending off ninjas. Also, she needs more coffee.
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