Month: February 2010

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Gem’s First Valentines Day

My little heart-breaker on her first Valentines Day. ———————- This week’s I ♥ Faces competition focuses on hands. ———————- One year ago: Baby Update: the Hospital

Why I can’t ever blink.

I thought about posting a series of photos taken within a 5 minute period that shows just how active my daughter is – but I got exhausted just looking at the pictures. Instead, I’ll show you a few shots from within that time span where she managed to reprogram the satellite receiver while I was …

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gung haggis fat choy

Eating Haggis with Chopsticks

Yes, that’s right. While I generally try to avoid posting pictures of myself (except for the extremely rare occurrence of a flattering shot), and I especially try to avoid pictures of myself eating, it’s not everyday that I get to eat haggis with chopsticks. This picture was taken in February of 2008. The event was …

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cherry blossoms bloom in Seattle in February

February in Seattle

These beautiful pink blossoms – that appear each February – are some of the many reasons I so love Seattle.

Those Eyes

I miss my dad, but I see him every day in my daughter’s eyes. Her eyes are exactly like his.

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