Month: September 2009

Banned Books Week

When thinking of banned and contested books, it’s easy to conjure up images of the repression that existed in America during the 1950s. Sure, we’ve all heard of the book burning parties, and we all know that Diary of Anne Frank and Of Mice and Men were banned back in the day. But the repression …

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It’s more than just the weather, although I can feel that in my bones as well these days. Change is in the air.

She’s Going Vertical

I’m in trouble. Gem is not quite crawling yet, but she has her ways of getting herself around the room. Then this started. She started reaching up. And pulling up. But it didn’t stop there. It wasn’t long before she had pulled herself up on her knees. What’s next?

Dear Gem - Month 6

Dear Gem – Month 6

It amazes me that you are already six months old, you’ve become so much a part of our lives that I can hardly imagine my life without you, or remember how I got through the day before you were born. How did I not get more accomplished then? Sure, it can be stressful at times, …

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I love shopping at Anthropologie. Not because I actually buy anything; I make way too little money. Not to mention the fact that their fairy tale clothes fit a version of me from a long, long time ago, and a land far away. I love Anthropologie for the window shopping. The mix of feminine with …

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