Month 5 has been a big month for us.  You’ve really started to move. You started rolling over a few weeks ago, and now we’ve reached a point where you don’t stay where I put you.  You’re not quite crawling yet, but you manage to cover quite a bit of ground with rolling and scooching.

You also have a great deal more control over your fingers. You can reach out and grab things (judging distance has improved too), pick them up, turn them over, whack them on the floor, or unfortunately, your own head, and you’ve discovered that it’s a whole lot more difficult for me to put you down when you are clinging to my clothes and hair.  Smarty pants.

Letters to Gem - month 5

You are supposed to be sleeping right now, but I went to check on you a few moments ago and you were wide awake with your feet up in the air and you were holding on to your foot.  This is a favorite position for you these days.  To make things interesting, one of your legs was completely outside of your jammies – one piece, footed jammies. And I had swaddled you when I put you down.  So somehow, without being heard over the monitor you managed to get out of your swaddling, get a leg out of your jammies and play grab the toesies while I wasn’t looking.  You surprise me nearly every day.

Letters to my daughter - month 5

We are having so much fun with you.

I love you


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