Retail Therapy: “I’m a little teapot…”

I ran away to the mall a couple days ago.  Everything was coming at me from every direction and I was in need of some retail therapy.  Problem is, I have neither time nor money at the moment.  Then I somehow silenced the nagging “you don’t have time for this…” long enough to find myself at a part of the mall populated by baby stores.

I’ve been trying very hard to avoid spending my money on baby stuff.  I know the time will come when I have no choice, but now is not the time.  We’re moving and we’re broke.  If I’m going to spend any money I need to spend it on things we really need, like a stroller or diapers or one of those blue bulb thingies you shove up the baby’s nose to get the snot out.

This is not the kind of thing I need to be spending my money on:


I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I collect teapots – but a $79 teapot lamp…  It took my breath away.  I stopped to take a picture of it in the store and I don’t do that.  I just sat there and looked at it for quite a while.  It’s so impractical. But I love it.

Finally I tore myself away and poked around a little longer until I found the one thing that there was no way I would be able to leave the store without.


A stuffed teapot.  On sale.  $5.

I foresee a future full of tea parties.

Seattle writer, Judy Schwartz Haley, blogs about raising a toddler while battling cancer, finishing a degree, and fending off ninjas. Also, she needs more coffee.
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