Count Your Blessings

Since Dad got sick, Mom’s been going through a downsizing mode. She is seriously getting rid of just about everything.

She asked me if I could do something with the family pictures because she had never had time to put them into albums. “Sure” I said. It sounded like a good idea. I’ll just scan them in and upload them to the family website.

Box after box after box has been ariving in the mail.

It’s great fun to sit there and go through photo after photo. but somehow, when I add the additional step of placing the photo onto the scanner, it turns into a chore.

I know it’s such a cool thing to have all these photos – many families dont have this many. And really, on the surface it sounds like such a cool project – and I’m looking forward to having the photos scanned in. It’s the actual scanning them in part that’s got me bogged down.

Maybe I need to move the computer and scanner into the living room so I can watch mythbusters while I’m scanning them in.
img001a pouty me with mom

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