Month: May 2006

Zephyr Grill & Bar, Kent

The most recent addition to the new Kent Station , Zephyr Grill & Bar is easily the nicest restaurant in Kent. Taupe walls, dark wood booths topped with sculpted glass, elegant lighting, and white fabric napkins (yes, in Kent that’s a step up) all add up to a nice ambiance, with a skilled wait-staff and …

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to be of service

Last night my friend called and asked for help, and I was able to provide it. It’s easy to forget how good it feels when you can be a genuine help to someone else. I’m so glad she called.

Meme & Company

First of all a note about the weather: This is Seattle people, it rains here. There is no reason whatsover to be driving 20 MPH on I-5 just because it rains. It rains all the time. That’s what we’re famous for. Get over it or get off the road. Once I arrived at my appointment, …

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Bebe got on the phone with me this afternoon and the first thing she said was “I was being good.” Perhaps it’s my suspicious nature, or perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve known her father for 32 years, but I suspect I’m not getting the whole story. © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

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7 Principles of Life

Some time ago I stumbled across the following list – and it was profound enough that I copied and pasted it into a notepad on my desk top. That notepad has been sitting there on my desk top for I don’t know how long, just because I felt like I should do something with it, …

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