Month: August 2005

Better Off Dead

This past weekend I discovered that Mr. H had never seen the movie “Better off Dead.” This cult classic that most people of my generation (sub generation – should probably narrow it down to an ~8 year time span) can quote along with each line. Suddenly I’m questioning all those times he nodded along with …

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Max and Ilona: Pictures Uploaded

After 6 weeks, I finally got the pictures we took at the International Fountain scanned in and uploaded. Notice every picture of Mr. H has Ilona in it too. She was not to be without him. He answered to “you,” “him,” “that guy,” and “Eric”(?!), but there was really no question for anyone who she …

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NorthWest Trek

On a lark yesterday, Mr. H and I decided to hit the road and check out Northwest Trek. It was kind of a long trip for a lark, because it’s a wildlife park near the foot of Mt. Rainier, but then we’ve missed the house on our way home and ended up going to dinner …

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Schwartz-Haley Wedding

We are one month away from our first wedding anniversary

Who knew marriage would be this much fun?

blue angels shield

Blue Angels

I was driving back to the office on my lunch break and had completely forgotten that the Blue Angels were performing today until I saw one do a full loop that took up my entire field of vision. It was really quite an amazing sight. I didn’t drive off the road, but now I understand …

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