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doris on trip to mt mckinley national park with the lions club Alaska Railroad Adventure, 1947 – Posted 4/5/11 – Doris and Lee (Doc) McKinley explore central Alaska by rail, along the way encountering a record setting mountaineering expedition, and even setting up a makeshift dental office in a restroom to assist local workers.
McKinley log home The Last Frontier, 1947 Alaska – Posted 2/21/11 – Doris McKinley’s impressions of Alaska on her first arrival. Written by Doris McKinley
lee and doris in 1948 Socialite to Pioneer in 3,500 Miles – Posted 1/11/11 – Doris and Doc (Lee) McKinley drive through the rugged northern terrain from Detroit to Anchorage the winter of 1946. Written by Doris McKinley.
653 Doris McKinley – Posted 9/16/10 – Memories and photos posted shortly after her death.
Lunch with Grandma Candy – Posted 3/31/09 – Gem’s first day out on the town, and first visit to Grandma McKinley
IMG_0763 Grandma – Posted 1/9/09 – This picture of my Grandmother, Doris McKinley, and me was taken four years ago at my wedding.  Sunday is Grandma’s birthday, she will be 98 years old.
Grandma's 95th Birthday Mother’s Day – Posted 5/14/06 – My dad finally emailed me these pictures from Grandma’s 95th birthday party, She turned 95 January 11, 2006. I thought they were fitting pictures to post on mothers day. She’s amazing. The day after these pictures were taken she set off on a road trip across the states.
McKinley_Ladies Grandma Candy – Posted 9/20/05 – Grandma McKinley with Mom and Aunt Judy, approximately 60 years ago. My niece and nephew call her Grandma Candy.
Dear Gem Month 19 – Posted 11/5/10 – Monthly letter to my daughter discusses the memory of Grandma McKinley and the challenge she overcame knitting the blanket for Gem.
DorisMcKinleyPhoto Ninety-Eight Year Old Family Photo – Posted 8/26/09 – This family photo was recently sent to us by a distant relative in Michigan.  It is dated May 14, 1911. I don’t know anything about most of the people in this photo, but one I know personally.  My grandmother is the infant in the back row to the right.
Dental ofc recreation Re-Creation of Doc McKinley’s Dental Office – Posted 10/10/08 – The exhibit of Grandpa McKinley’s dental office in the Dorothy Page Museum
Adding_on_to_house Meanwhile, Back at the Farm… – Posted 7/11/08 – the story of the house at the farm.
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