Baby Update: the Antepartum Unit

Yup, still pregnant. And still in the hospital.  I have been officially transferred from Labor and Delivery to the Antepartum Unit.  This is a good thing, it means they are no longer worried that I will deliver any minute, but I still need some help to keep labor from proceeding.  I’m still dilating – about a half cm every day or two.  So it’s slow, but it hasn’t come to a stop.  The good news is that I’ve made it into the 34th week which drastically ups baby’s viability, and we also got the steroids in so her lungs have a better chance of functioning on their own if she just can’t wait till term.

It’s really just a waiting game.  There is a chance that they will send me home tomorrow – that depends on how far the dilation has progressed.   They’ll check again in the morning. Part of me is excited at the prospect of going home to wait out the rest of my pregnancy, and part of me is terrified.  I like knowing that the experts are just a button push away.

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