WordCamp Seattle 2014

WordCamp Seattle 2014

The first thing that struck me at WordCamp Seattle was the inclusive sense of community. People from all walks of life, hobby bloggers and coders, grandmas, hairdressers, and hackers, came together to discuss WordPress, how to use it, and how to improve it. People were so friendly, no snobbery, no cliques, no standoffishness…

wordcamp seattle 2014

I have attended small scale blog conferences before, but this was the first time to attend an event of this kind for me.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamps are non-profit conferences that are organized and run entirely by volunteers. No need to break the bank on wardrobe or ticket prices. This is definitely a come as you are event – be yourself, no one is there to see your shoes – and the amazingly low ticket price of $20 is offset by the many sponsors who make these conferences possible. I spent some time speaking to reps from the sponsors, and these people really get the community focus of WordCamp, and WordPress as a whole.

Nearly 700 people converged on the HUB at the University of Washington for WordCamp Seattle this year. It was huge, and so well run. There were panels for rank beginners and seasoned developers, and everyone in between.

So many useful sessions

The schedule was packed, so many talks from which to choose! Here are the sessions I attended (slides used by the presenters linked below):

So many great talks, and of course, there were four different talks going through most of the sessions. But the slide shows and video of the events has been made public, so you can see what you missed at a later date. A note about the videos, there is one long video for each of the three rooms that covers all of the talks that took place in the room, so get yourself a really big cup of coffee before sitting down to watch.

This conference was just so rich with useful information and resources that two weeks later I am still processing everything in my head.

But that was just day one. Day two upped the community aspect in a completely different way…

Contributors Day

I wasn’t really sure what they meant by Contributors Day, but it turns out they take the community built and open source aspects of WordPress pretty seriously.

word camp contributors day

Contributors day took place in a smaller shared workspace called the Impact Hub Seattle in Pioneer Square. Participants gathered together to  contribute to the WordPress product. The group divided into teams to work on everything from documentation to help desk questions, to directly addressing bugs, to working on updates. No need to have advanced programming skills. People contribute as they are able to, and there is place for everyone who wants to participate.



OK, so obviously, I’m new to the world of open source, but the more I learn, the more I want to learn. I’ve been using WordPress since 2008, but until now, I never bothered to learn much about how it was built. Now that I’ve seen that process in action, I want more.

WordCamp Seattle 2014 Contributors Day

I love this world I stumbled into.

WordPress Meetups

I learned that there are regular WordPress Meetups here in Seattle (also, around the world for those of you not in Seattle). I will be checking these out, so look for me at a Seattle WordPress Meetup soon.




Blogging in a Coffee Shop

Blogging in a Coffee Shop

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to do my work at a coffee shop, my favorite place to settle in and get some writing done.

blogging in a coffee shop

My wallet on the table? That is strategically placed. It’s holding the cord into the computer. That one spot seems to be the first thing to fail on laptop computers. Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to MacGuyver a powercord fix on your laptop.

cafe vita - coffee shop

Coffee shops aren’t just for getting work done; they are wonderful places to do some people watching. The diversity on Capitol Hill makes it one of my favorite places for people watching. I just watched two girls who, from such different outward appearances, looked like they might never otherwise interact come together to rescue a baby bird that fell from it’s nest.

coffee shop iced latte

And don’t forget the coffee. That’s really why I’m here.

2013 – Year end wrap-up

2013 – Year end wrap-up

2013 was a rough year – full of health issues, surgeries, and hospital stays, but there was so much more to my year than just health related news.

coffeejitters year in review 2014

  • I was selected as a Voice of the Year by BlogHer for my post, Just Breathe.  By the way, my little niece mentioned in the post is thriving now, and just celebrated her first birthday.





circle of women


remembering candice bailey


  • Cancer was unrelenting among my friends. I had to say goodbye to so many loved ones. Losing Candice was especially difficult.


  • My little girl and her cousin proved themselves to be superheroes.


sea lions in seattle

  •  I contemplated my move to Seattle 21 years ago – that’s exactly half my life ago – and how my life has changed.


I am so ready to get on with 2014. Here’s to a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year for us all.

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Blooming – My Photo Exhibit at C&P Coffee Company

Blooming – My Photo Exhibit at C&P Coffee Company

I’ve been busy lately. Very busy. In addition to getting back into the swing of school, I’m two weeks away from opening my first photography exhibit.

It will run through the month of October at C&P Coffee Company.

Photo exhibit

C&P Coffee Company

5612 California Avenue, SW

Seattle, WA 98136

October 1-31, 2013

There is so much to do, but I’m so excited.

If you’re in the Seattle area, come check it out. Lovely cafe, great coffee, and my art on the walls 🙂

What’s new in your life?

Updated to add link to post of photos on the wall: That thing that scares you… do it.

Products featuring my images are also available for sale on my site at RedBubble,

We tiptoed through the tulips

We tiptoed through the tulips

One of the most enduring and notable rites of spring around the Seattle area is the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The entire month of April is dedicated to all things tulip, and the valley is colorblocked in fields of red, yellow, pink and purple blooms.

tulip collage2

As usual, we were a little late to the party this year, partly because of poor planning, and partly because I abhor crowds. We showed up  the first week of May.

tulip garden

Most of the tulip fields were already plowed under to prepare for the next crop, but we still found plenty of beauty to go around.

tulip garden 2

What are your favorite signs of spring. Do you have any spring related annual traditions?

Gem in the flowers