What your mom wants for Mothers Day

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What your mom wants for mothers day

* She wants the handmade crafts – the pictures, the paintings, the little sculptures, the handprints, the inedible breakfast – But the coffee, she wants the coffee to be good, so if you haven’t mastered that skill yet, step aside

* She wants to laugh without peeing her pants

* She wants her great aunt’s ring back that you tried on because it was sparkly but then lost somewhere in your bedroom

* She wants you to clean your room

* She wants some privacy in the bathroom

* She wants you to know that loves hearing you say mom, or mama, or mommy, or mumum or whatever it is you say – It’s the most beautiful sound in the world to her, until you say it 30 times in a row – or if you say it after bedtime

* She wants a nap

* She wants some help around the house

* She wants you to eat your vegetables – Yes, those of you who are grown up, you too

* She wants you to soar, but she wants you to remember where you came from – and she wants a hug and a kiss before you go

* She wants you to call more

* She wants you to chase your dreams, but do it safely and wear your seatbelt

* She wants more for you than she ever dreamed possible for herself

* She wants you to be happy, but not just a momentary glee, but the deep soulful happiness that comes when you are using your body, heart and mind to their potential

* She wants you to know that you completely changed her on a cellular level and through every aspect of her life

* She wants a little respect


* She wants you to know that she loves you

Ok, Moms, leave me a note; What else do you want for Mothers Day


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Judy Schwartz Haley


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