Years ago, my parents discovered that we have a photo of my mom at 4-years old, and a picture of me at 4-years-old that highlight the family resemblance.

I determined right then, that if I ever had a daughter, I would take a similar photo, so we could frame together the 3 generations of photos.

This is my mother at 4

3 generations

This is me at 4

3 generations

I kept waiting for my daughter to turn 4, so I could take this picture of her. Then I forgot about it. Then she turned 5.

Finally, my mom kicked me into gear and reminded me to take that photo.  So I started planning the photo, scoping out the perfect location, and then forgetting about it again.

I remembered again this morning, so I threw a blanket on the floor, put her in a dress, and snapped the photo before I had time to start planning again, and then forgetting again.

This is my daughter at 5

Gem age 5

3 Generations

3 generations of childrens photos

I’m so glad I stopped planning and just grabbed the moment.

Judy Schwartz Haley


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