My girl has a knack for creating fun wherever she goes.

There are several different play structures at this park, but where does she want to play?

Bike Rack - creating fun

on the bike rack.

bike rack at the playground - creating fun

I love this playful, joyful approach to life. I relish in it. It makes me happy to see her explore things in new ways. I love things like bike racks being used for other than their intended purposes. This is where creativity and invention kicks in.

bike rack at playground - creating fun

She’s getting so big now – taking on more challenges, like tree climbing.

tree climbing - creating fun

She’s growing so strong, so tall, so confident…

stripes and tree - creating fun

I hope she doesn’t outgrow her sense of playfulness and whimsy. I hope, in the life before her, she continues to find creative ways (but not too dangerous, I’m still a mama bear) to have fun.

Judy Schwartz Haley


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