The habit of stress

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My To Do list for today has 32 items on it. This is ridiculous. I know there is no way all 32 items will get done today. I also know that I will spend an unreasonable amount of time fretting about the items that will not get done today.

If I really power through and don’t lose my focus too often, I might get 12 of those items done. Maybe. But many days I spend more energy figuring out HOW I will get things done, more energy stressing about getting things done, than actually getting things done.

Relax release the stress

Worrying plays a big role in the amount of stress I carry around. I worry about whether the cancer will come back, I worry about the well being of my child, I worry about how we will pay the rent. But worrying only increases the amount of stress that I carry, and it does nothing to help solve the problem. Sometimes I think I’m just worried and stressed because I have become accustomed to being worried and stressed.

We live in a competitive world, and stress is the name of the game. I’ve even noticed people getting competitive about their stress. I’ve noticed myself getting competitive about stress, and I’m not generally all that competitive.


Are you addicted to stress?

I read an article on P&Geveryday today that asked: are you addicted to stress? That stopped me in my tracks.

This article turned the way I think about my relationship with stress on it’s head. And there’s more. P&Geveryday has many articles on how to handle stress and reduce stress, including quite a few convenient workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The P&Geveryday site is a quite useful lifestyle community website created by Proctor & Gambel. The site is full of recipes and helpful articles on parenting, DIY projects, and of course, stress management. The site also includes coupons, product reviews, and new ideas on creative ways to use a number of their products.


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