10 insightful posts about Fathers Day

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Aaron spent the past two days simmering his homemade ragu. I’d love to share a recipe, but his sauce is an expression of his love for food rather than anything that could be pinned to paper. Two days of simmering, tasting, adding, hand wringing, simmering, tasting, adding, tasting, simmering… a lot of love went into this meal. On Father’s Day, we finally got to sit down and eat it, and it was definitely worth the wait. I’m not sure if he planned to have the sauce ready for Father’s Day, or if it just worked out that way, but I certainly wasn’t going to get in his way. I didn’t have to cook. And the food was amazing.

I’m so lucky to have such a great husband, who also happens to be an awesome dad to our 5-year-old, and an amazing, if occasional, cook.

So instead of cooking, I’m going to round up some of my favorite fathers day posts this year. I’ll tackle the dishes later.

10 insightful posts about fathers day

  1. Dale Partridge is one of my favorite writers, and he delivers again with this post on the things dads need to hear.
  2. John Kinnear at Ask Your Dad tells us a little about how his dad shaped the man he became.
  3. Suzanne Braun Levine discusses how dads parent differently now in this HuffPo piece. This is something I have noticed myself. I love how involved dads is not only a trend, it’s becoming an expectation, and guys are living up to it.
  4. Hillary from Domestic Bliss Squared pens a letter to her dad explaining how she came to a new understanding of his perspective after becoming a parent herself.
  5. DudeMom shares 10 things I love about my husband as a father.
  6. On BlogHer, manvsmommy comes through with a wonderful letter to her husband that said something dads really need to hear, and reminding me that I need to say thank you to my husband as well. He’s an awesome dad, too.
  7. In this TED Talk, Steve Addis shares how a little father-daughter tradition helped to bond him with his daughter.
  8. Gina at Fitnessista talks about falling in love with her husband in a new way after watching him become a father. I can certainly relate to that feeling.
  9. And because we need a giggle in here, P.J. Rourke shares some thoughts on the ridiculousness of Father’s Day.
  10. I definitely need to include my own post: 5 things I learned from my Dad. I wrote this the first Father’s Day after he passed away, but those lessons are still the ones I would pick.


Happy Reading.

Happy Father’s Day.

And, wish me luck on those dishes!

Judy Schwartz Haley


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