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After my breast cancer diagnosis, I spent many late nights curled up with my laptop and Dr. Internet, becoming increasingly terrified by the grim prospects offered up by the search engines. I needed information, but I had forgotten that the internet favors sensationalism, so the most extreme cases rise to the top. The stories the standard search engines served up bore little resemblance to my experience in battling and living beyond breast cancer over the 3 years since my diagnosis.

What I needed was a safe place to look up health information provided by medical professionals: information on my breast cancer, but also depression, nutrition, weight management, and the host of other health issues that are complicated by breast cancer, and impact the lives of women on a daily basis. offers that safe place on the internet. The portal covers women’s health topics from allergies to yeast infections. The LifeScript Breast Cancer Health Center includes interviews with Dr. Susan Love, one of the voices I respect most when it comes to breast cancer and breast health.

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In one of the portal’s interviews with Dr. Susan Love, she gives some advice I wish I had heard at the time of my diagnosis. I knew the cancer was inside me and all I could think was “GET IT OUT!” I wanted the strongest chemo and surgery, and both to take place yesterday. I never even considered a second opinion, because I felt like I was in a race with the cancer. In the interview, Dr. Love said that, “A diagnosis of breast cancer — even though it feels like it — is not an emergency. You have time to get a second opinion.” I understand that now, years later, and I wish I had read this article in those days between the diagnosis and the surgery.

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LifeScript is not just about breast cancer, they cover all aspects of women’s health and well-being, including health conditions, information on your rights as a patient, navigating the system, insurance coverage, and health quizzes and calculators.

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Lifescript’s Breast Cancer Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering new breast cancer breakthroughs, best antioxidant foods, interviews with famous women who have struggled with breast cancer and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on Breast Cancer for more information.

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This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of
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