10 things I should learn from my daughter

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10 things I should learn from my daughter

1. When you put on a pretty dress – twirl.

2. A hug and a kiss really can make you feel better.

3. Be upfront with people. Ask for what you want (remember to say please), and name your feelings. “I want some ice cream,” and “I’m sad” are a lot easier to deal with than non-specific pouting. Even if Mommy already ate all the ice cream.

4. There is almost always enough time for a snuggle.

5. Spend a little time coloring, drawing, or otherwise being creative every day.

6. Sing out loud when you are happy – it multiplies your joy, and it makes other people smile too. Even if it’s just in amusement.

7. Dance in the living room – who cares if the windows are open.

8. Playing is serious business.

9. Naptime is like hitting the RESET button on the day.

10. Everything is Amazing!


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