What They Do: Discovering

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I’m participating in Willette’s Joy of Love photography challenge this month because, ahem, I don’t have enough on my plate right now.

Today’s focus was photographing a loved one doing ‘what they do’ – in my case, that was Gem completely in awe of everything she discovers.


Today’s challenge was using natural light, and capturing the catchlights (the little bits of reflected light) in your subject’s eyes.  Of course, my challenge was the same challenge I have every day – keeping up with Gem enough to capture her face. I’ve got hard drives full of photos of the sides and back of her head. The girl does not have time sit for portraits, she’s got some exploring to do.




Oooh! There’s her face. Of course it’s backlit…


Then she was done. Just like that. No more discovering, she wanted a hug. I held the camera out at arms length to grab a shot of that hug, and finally caught the ever-so-faint catchlights in her eyes.

Judy Schwartz Haley


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