My Grandmother was born as Doris Blakely in 1911.

Doris McKinley

Doris McKinley

Here she is 14 years old

Doris McKinley

With my Grandfather, Lee L. McKinley, shortly after their wedding.

Lee (Doc) McKinley and Doris McKinley

Lee (Doc) McKinley and Doris McKinley

With my mom (the little one) and my aunt

McKinley ladies

In the living room at the farm in Alaska (Grandma is in the dark dress in the center of the photo)

Lee (Doc) McKinley family, at the farm

My Wedding

Doris McKinley and Judy Schwartz Haley - September 5, 2004

95th Birthday Party

Doris McKinley

Grandma with Gem

Grandma and Gem

Grandma and Gem

Four Generations

4 generations

My brother and his wife had temporary tattoos as party favors at their wedding.  Grandma got in on the action too. Check out the tattoo on her neck.

Doris McKinley

With my daughter

grandma and gem

My Grandmother passed away last week.  She was 99 years old.

Mama's Losin' It

Judy Schwartz Haley


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