Step into my office.

my office

This is where I do the very important work of blogging about being a mom. I know. You want to be like me when you grow up, don’t you?

I even have an intern.


Let me tell you, for an unpaid intern she’s quite expensive and high maintenance. She expects a meal, several meals, every day. I’d say something about her expecting me to wipe her butt, but that would be crude.

This is the kind of meal I prepare for my crew every day.

healthy cookbooks

Ok, that’s not true. That’s the kind of food I intend to cook every day.

This is more like the kind of food I prepare for our meals.

unhealthy cookbooks

Well, no, that’s not true either. That is the kind of food I would like to eat, and it implies I actually cook. In reality, I serve freezer lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and anything else that requires less than 5 minutes of time and effort on my part.

So much for being a food blogger.

These are my blogging pants.

froggy pants

What? You don’t match your intern to your pants?

napping baby and mom with froggy pants

Yes, she was taking yet another break. But she does contribute a lot to our team.

Here she is storyboarding my next blog post.

baby coloring

How do you work?

Judy Schwartz Haley


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