Since the birth of my daughter, I’ve had a difficult time getting out and taking photographs of anything other than the baby. Of course, you can’t beat her for subject matter. But I do enjoy getting out into the world and looking at it through the viewfinder.

The question becomes how do I do this with a baby in tow? Keeping her in the carrier is just cruel – I’m holding a shiny toy within her reach that I just wont let her touch. And getting her out and setting up the stroller at each different location became so cumbersome that I just stopped doing it altogether.

Wasn’t there a way to get a good photograph without unloading 20 pounds of squirming cuteness and another 30 pounds of stroller? Why couldn’t I just roll down the car window and shoot from there?

So I did.

Here’s some evidence of my drive by shootings along Highland Drive on Queen Anne Hill.








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