I’m still here and still very pregnant.  The move went as well as, or even better than expected.  We had one group of friends and family members show up on Saturday morning and the worked till about 8 that night moving the big items and most of the boxes – and a second group of people showed up the next day to get the last little bits and seriously scrub down the old apartment.  I was really concerned about how I was going to be able to do all that scrubbing.  Instead it was two days of people telling me to “SIT DOWN!” Yes, I know I’m not supposed to be carrying big stuff around when I’m this pregnant.  But it’s really hard to sit there and watch other people clean my home.  It just doesn’t feel right.

The new place is a little bit bigger than the old one with a nice big balcony and hook-ups for a washer and dryer.  Mom found a used washer and dryer in great shape at an estate sale for $100 so we’re in business.  No more carting loads of laundry two full blocks to get them washed.  On the downside, the kitchen is tiny, tiny, tiny, so I’ll be looking for interesting places around the house to hide the non-perishables that wont fit in the kitchen.  And no dishwasher.  But the fridge is nice and big.  Oh the joys of institutional living.

I’m a little disgusted with the downstairs neighbor with the loud music, empty beer cans littered around his front and back door, and the fact that twice in the past week my entire apartment has smelled like pot (not that I would know what that smells like…).  But all the other neighbors seem to be really nice.  You have to have kid’s to live in this apartment complex, so I’m surrounded by other parents.  I’m looking forward to making friends with people with kids.  It’s so weird that my none of my local in-the-flesh friends have kids.

The biggest frustration we’ve had at the new place is the fact that we still don’t have internet access.  That will not be installed until Thursday.  In the meantime, I lug my laptop down to the local wifi cafe, stick my pregnant belly out as far as I can, and hover like a vulture until someone gets creeped out and decides to let glaring fat lady have their table.  Then I sit down, wait forever for windows to load, and then do my homework as fast as I can and hopefully get it all done before my battery dies.  Return home, recharge battery, repeat, until I need a nap.

I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule after I have internet access at home.  Hope all is well with you.


Judy Schwartz Haley


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