25 Random Things About CoffeeJitters

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  1. I collect teapots but I’ve never been a big tea drinker.
  2. I just realized that when my as-of-yet-unborn daughter reaches my current age, I will be 76.
  3. This makes me want to grow very old.
  4. I can wiggle my nose.
  5. One of my earliest memories is catching my Dad putting sugar on his breakfast cereal.  This was strictly verboten in our home.
  6. I realized my Dad was a mere mortal rather than a super hero when I was about 9.  I went to visit him at his office and discovered that while he rendered his drawings with a regular no. 2 pencil (he was an architect), he used an electric eraser for erasing things.
  7. Once when I was six my grandfather let me hold the wheel in his Cessna while we were flying over the Butte.  He didn’t even let go of the wheel, but you will never convince me that I was not actually flying that plane.
  8. I have been face to face with a bear in the wilderness.  Luckily he just brushed right on past me as though I would be a waste of his time.
  9. I tend to notice things that others walk on by.  Sometimes this makes me incredibly lucky.  Often this makes me easily distracted.
  10. I crave quiet so much that I rarely listen to music.
  11. I’m a mess.  My house is a mess.  It doesn’t matter what day you are reading this.
  12. I suck at small talk.  I can unwittingly offend someone just by talking about the weather.
  13. I’m a rebel.
  14. What I’m rebelling against varies from day to day but usually involves someone who sees everything in binary terms.
  15. I am an introvert.  It takes a lot of effort and courage for me to reach out and interact with others.
  16. I love to cook.
  17. Someday I would like to write a cookbook, but I seldom measure and never cook the same dish exactly the same way twice.
  18. My husband waited till two weeks after our wedding to start learning to play the bagpipes.
  19. My husband is the most fascinating person I have ever met and it completely turns me on that he can speak in Spanish, Tajik, Farsi, and Arabic (ever seen A Fish Called Wanda?)
  20. I’m simultaneously overjoyed and terrified about becoming a mom.
  21. I am related to President McKinley.
  22. Now that I’m back in school and spending 6+ hours a day reading, I miss reading for enjoyment.
  23. I love old fashioned homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  24. I get annoyed when old fashioned homemade chocolate chip cookies have too many chocolate chips.  Why would I utter such blasphemy?  There is a balance.  I love chocolate, but chocolate chips are relatively easy to come by.  But the cookie part, the subtlety of the combination of butter, brown sugar and vanilla is magic and can easily be overpowered by all the chocolate.
  25. I appreciate subtlety.
Judy Schwartz Haley


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