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The moment Barack Obama officially became the President of the United States, the Presidential website,, switched over to President Obama’s website.  The new website is built on a much more stable and transparent architecture, and this switch heralds another of many significant changes in the American Presidency:  we now have a President that comprehends and values the Age of Information in which we are currently living.

The official blog of President Obama and the White House

Whether you love him or fear him, I encourage all of you to spend some time exploring the new website in addition to subscribing to and reading his blog.  To those who are still afraid of President Obama because, as they say, “I don’t know anything about him” (or you, or the people you allow to influence you are making assumptions about him), let me recommend a couple of books penned by the President himself: The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father.  You have the opportunity to get your information from the source, rather than the pundits.  Please take advantage of that opportunity.

I am so excited about this new era of hope and information and transparency and integrity.

You can find the link to President Obama’s Blog here:

And a direct link to opt in to his blog’s feed here:

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