Burke Museum: Mastadons and Dinosaurs and Volcanoes, Oh My…

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I spent the day at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum. I had totally forgotten that around Seattle, the first Thursday of every month means free admission to museums. (Note to self, students get in free, you can go on a less crowded day.)044

My favorite part of the museum was most definitely the dinosaur and mastadon fossils. This is only the second time in my life I have seen dinosaur fossils. (The first time was a way cool experience. Pacific Science Center had a wine and cheese tasting along with a live jazz band right in the middle of the dinosaur exhibit that was on loan from the far reaches of the planet. They called it the Dino Wino Event)

Today’s exhibit would have benefited from a glass of wine. But I was also amused by watching all the mommys with their toddlers. Mommys trying to expose their little ones to history and culture, little ones much more interested in trying to pull the tile up off the floor. Too cute.

There were also some interesting collections of photography and artifacts from American Indian, Samoan, Chinese, and other cultures that are represented here in the Pacific Northwest.

No photography was allowed inside, so I went clicky-click on the totem poles outside.


Judy Schwartz Haley


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