Proud wife, with a chocolate problem

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My husband received a letter from UW today stating that he’s been accepted as a transfer student into the Near Eastern Studies program (I should specify that I mean the University of Washington rather than the University of Wisconsin / Waterloo / Wurzburg / Wyoming / Wales / Warwick / Westminster / Wollongong) I’m so proud of him I could just pop. I think we should celebrate with chocolate.

Hmmmm…, we have a chocolate problem (specifically a lack thereof)
I told him this…

Me: I need chocolate
Him: (something completely unrelated to chocolate so I wasn’t listening)
Me: that’s nice, but what are we going to do about our chocolate problem?
Him: What do you mean we? I don’t have a chocolate problem
Me: What’s mine is yours and I have a chocolate problem
Him: (laughs and returns to playing Grand Theft Auto – Why did I ever buy him that game?)bird-2

How is it possible that we have no chocolate in the house?





I’m off to go find chocolate.


Judy Schwartz Haley


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