So lately we’ve been buying a lot of books and they’re starting to stack up. This afternoon Mr. H and I looked at each other and around the book pit we call our home and decided that we can’t bring another book into this house until we take at least two boxes of books out.

I started with the computer books and that was easy. Why on earth do I still have a copy of WordPerfect for Windows 97 when I don’t even have WordPerfect installed on any of my current computers? Then there’s several variations on C++ the easy way which I never actually got around to learning. And Windows 2000 Professional Server for a computer named HAL that spontaneously combusted several years ago. Ah the memories. Chucked them and most of the other computer books in a box and made a nice little space for more computer toys.

Now on to the rest of my book collection, because that only took care of one box. Which of my childred to cast aside… There are the textbooks – although most of them are outdated and most used book stores wont take them, but we’ll give it a shot at least for the books from classes where I hated the professor. Well that topic was fascinating though so I’ll keep that one. And I wrote all over in this one, and well we’ll see if they’ll buy these four.

Then I hunted around and found another 10 books that I thought I might be able to part with to complete filling the second box. Don’t get me wrong. There are quite a few books in here that you could remove from my house and I wouldn’t even know they were gone. There are books that are completely uninspired that I started reading and will probably never, ever finish. There are books that I will probably never actually start reading (in addition to the textbooks). But this was a big emotional event for me and I think 2 boxes of books is enough gut wrenching for one day. So we packed up our books and took them down to half price books.

They said it would take 20 minutes to come up with a quote, so while we were waiting we did some browsing. Mr. H found a copy of the Holy Bible printed in Persian in the Arabic section (can’t expect these guys to be able to distinguish Arabic from Farsi). That’s a pretty rare, and a pretty cool find. Is it wierd that it turns me on that my husband can read to me from the bible in farsi? It’s like the scene in A Fish Called Wanda where she keeps telling him to talk to her in russian…I wandered around and found a book by Dave Eggers I hadn’t read yet “how we are hungry” well I can’t not get that. I love, LOVE Dave Eggers. I would have married him but then I met my husband and dave eggers still doesnt know I exist. And dave eggers probably couldnt read to me from the bible in farsi anyways.

I looked a little further and found a book called “No Touch Monkey! and other travel lessons I learned too late” by Ayun Halliday. I had never heard of the author or the book before but I opened it to a random page and laughed out loud – turned to another page and laughed out loud again. I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

The total for the two boxes of books came to $13.75 and our purchases cost $17.30, which means it only cost us $3.55 to unload those books and now we have space to bring home even more books.

Judy Schwartz Haley


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