Caspian Grill: Dinner with In-Laws

Mr. H and I had dinner with his mother and sister tonight. This probably doesn’t happen as often as it should as we only live a few miles away from each other. Dinner went well and we introduced the inlaws to one of our favorite restaurants.

The Caspian Grill is on the Ave just north of 55th in the U district. The food is Persian and very well prepared. We like to share food, so they served it family style for us – chicken kabobs, koobideh, fesenjan, and gormeh sabzi, with a giant heaping plate of saffroned basmati rice for each – a standard order for us (well, we don’t usually get the chicken kabobs). The food was excellent as usual, but the service was quite slow. The help wanted sign in the window may speak to that issue.

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