#1 – 17

17. he’s the first to offer his seat to an elderly person on a crowded bus or waiting area
16. he says “thank you” all the time – he’s really good about that
15. he’s romantic – he thinks of little things that he knows will light up my day
14. he’s an excellent cook
13. he treats me with respect
12. he doesn’t give up
11. his face lights up when I walk in the room
10. he makes my world bigger – it’s easy for me to be small, but his ideas and the things he says really challenge me and broaden my horizons.
9. he has the most amazingly long eyelashes.
8. An hour before our wedding he was in the shower singing his heart out
7. He’s not afraid to fail. He doesnt worry about looking foolish the first time he tries something new.
6. he believes in me
5. He has amazing healing hands – he can make my pain go away just by laying his hands on me.
4. he makes me laugh out loud every day
3. on cold days he warms my bathrobe in the dryer while I’m in the shower – then wraps me in the warm fuzziness when I get out of the shower.
2. he inspires me – when I’m around him or even thinking about him I start feeling more creative – where’s my paintbursh?
1. he makes up silly songs and sings them to me

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