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Judy Schwartz Haley is a health and wellness writer with a focus on post-traumatic growth, special needs parenting, and living with cancer. 


I have a knack for translating complex diagnoses into more understandable terms.  I write pieces that help ease the path to understanding family relationships and medical challenges, and helping families live their best lives despite these issues.

Through personal experience with my own cancer, losing a parent to cancer, and becoming a parent myself, I found strength, resilience, and purpose in my journal. Drawing on my decades of journaling experience, I developed and expanded on journal techniques that help uncover, hone, and set into motion the steps needed to realize dreams. I have taught these classes at Cancer Lifeline, Harmony Hill, and soon, they will be available online.

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Topics & Specialties

I write on a variety of topics that fascinate me. These are topics with which I have extensive personal experience, and in which I invested a great deal of time, energy, and research.

Cancer &
Chronic Illnesses

Autism &
Learning Differences

Parenting &

Women's Health &

Courage &
Personal Growth

Journaling &

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