Uplevel your journal and your life

Journal your way forward

Journaling Class

Your journal can be a powerful tool in guiding your goals, and your plans to work towards them. 

Join us as we write to the heart of the matter, and gain traction towards nailing our goals and making our dreams come true.

Class starting in January 2019.

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About the Instructor

Judy Schwartz Haley

Judy Schwartz Haley is a health and wellness writer and educator focusing on parenting and cancer. 

Judy has a knack for translating complex diagnoses into more understandable terms.  She writes pieces that help ease the path to understanding family relationships and medical challenges, and helping families live their best lives despite these issues. Her work can be found at UVA Cancer Center, Dignity Health, Hello Humankindness, Mom it Forward, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and of course, here on the blog.

Through her personal experience with her own cancer, and losing a parent to cancer, and becoming a parent herself, Judy found strength, resilience, and purpose in her journal. Drawing on her decades of journaling experience Judy developed and expanded on journal techniques that help uncover, hone, and set into motion the steps needed to realize dreams. These classes have been taught at Cancer Lifeline, Harmony Hill, and soon, will be available online.

Katie Bergfeld

I was fortunate enough to participate in the pilot course a year or so ago.
I can’t wait for the new course to start!

I learned so much from this course. It really opened up my heart and mind to help me find my voice. It taught me to work through strong emotions and feelings and to put words and understanding to those emotions so that I could work on them.

When I heard on online course would be available I was beyond grateful. To be able to offer this to friends and loved ones without the confines of location, availability or responsibilities.

And then I realized I still had so much to learn, the opportunity for me to dive in deeper and learn even more with the online program, I’m looking forward to taking it again. I have so much Gratitude for this program.