A Graduation, A Birthday, and the End of Cancer Treatment


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We’ve got so much going on in our lives right now, so much to share with family and friends – and the rest of the world.  Aaron is finishing up his Master’s Degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, that means we’ve got a graduation coming up real soon.  It also means we’re going to move to a new apartment soon. Time to start thinking about packing.

Gem just turned two, and we still haven’t properly celebrated her birthday. I know she’s little and won’t even remember the party, but I’ve been forced to acknowledge my own mortality, and since then, I can’t bear the thought of missing even one of her birthday parties.

Then there’s me. I just hit a major milestone, the one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. And I’m so close to completing treatment, I can almost taste it. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, a reason to shout the news from the rooftops, it’s successfully completing the marathon of cancer treatment.

I’ve been thinking about how to document this time in our lives. Of course there is the blog, but I mean something tangible. These years as college students, the first two years of my daughter’s life, my triumph over cancer – I want to make a little book to document each of these things, especially for my little girl. Something she can hold in her hand, and turn the pages. She loves books already, but this would make it so much more interactive and personal for her. To have a book about herself. To have a book about our years at the university. To have a book about her mother overcoming cancer. I can’t think of a better set of birthday presents for my daughter. Keepsakes she can cherish, but which are also relevant, and with which she can interact right now.

Baby Loves Books

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