Decorating the Nursery

My daughter’s nursery is still a bit of a mess, I’m afraid. But it is slowly tipping away from a storage room and more towards a little girl’s room.  Now we just have to find a place to put all the goodies we had been storing in her room.

Since my daughter’s birth, I’ve had something of a garden party/butterfly theme in mind as I decorate the room.  For some reason, nearly all the gifts we received for her that were decor related (blankets, sheets, stuffed animals… ) were in some shade of green. Many, many different shades of green. It bothered me for a while that the shades of green did not coordinate well, until I realized that there were so many different greens, at some point they stopped clashing and pulled together like a family.  I didn’t plan the green theme, in fact the colors on my registry were pink and brown, but the green works well with my garden party/butterfly idea.  I’m also trying to pop in bright spots of pink here and there throughout the room as well.

There is one wall over the guest bed that is completely bare.  I’ve been puzzling for months on what to hang in that spot. Nothing seemed quite right. That is, until I came across these wall decals by Toodles Design Studio.

bird cage wall decoration

photo property of Toodles Design Studio

No, they are not exactly butterflies. But that’s alright.  They still fit with the garden party theme, and I think they are lovely and whimsical and perfect for my little girl’s room.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: I was in no way compensated by Toodles Design Studio for writing this post..


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