Love Birds

043 I have no idea what kind of birds these little guys are, but they could not get enough of each other. [Read More]

big brown bear - CoffeeJitters.Net

Big Beautiful Brown Bear

From this angle, Mr. Bear looks so cute and cuddly and hugable but I wouldn’t want to get up close Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA

snuggling snakes - CoffeeJitters.Net

Suggling Snakes

020 [read more]

eagle bird bath

Bird Bath: the Eagle Edition

I grew up in Alaska with lots of bald eagles around, but I always pause to appreciate them when I see them. I’ve had the pleasure of watching them in all sorts of different behaviors, but this is the first time I ever watched an eagle take a bath. Granted, this took place in a …

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Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

We spent today at the zoo – the weather was psychotic alternating between sun, wind and torrential downpours – which actually made for a good day because the zoo wasn’t crowded at all. Because of the rain, we spent most of our time in the aquariums – but that was ok, we had a blast. …

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