who in this room

Who in this room

I went straight to the bookstore after I got the “I’m sorry it’s cancer” phone call; surely amongst all the wisdom coded into letters and words, pressed to paper, and bound to books, would be some little snippet that would tell me how to move forward.   Since that day I’ve read a lot of books about …

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ysc seattle

It’s Not the Same

Yesterday I spent the day manning the door at a wine-tasting representing 16 different local wineries. Every year, this  event chooses a different charity to which the proceeds are donated. This year, the beneficiary was the Seattle affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition, which supports pre-menopausal women with breast cancer. Most people, as they came through the …

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It Gets Real

She had warm eyes and the sweetest smile, but it was her wit that took my breath away. You had to pay attention because her comments were quiet, under-the-breath, but they would make you snort-laugh and shoot your champagne out your nose. To be honest, I didn’t know her very well, we only met a …

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Young Survival Coalition (YSC)

Young Survival Coalition

The doctors are working to save my body, my friends at the Young Survival Coalition have helped save my sanity.

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