Every day we take a long walk around our new neighborhood, and every day I find a new reason to fall in love with our new home.

Today, we stumbled across this little shrine

A plaque inside the shrine had the following invitation:

Leave your thoughts, prayers and wishes. Twice a year they will [...]

The recipe reader – and a Chocolate Hazelnut-Pear Tart

My little girl has become quite the foodie. She loves to watch Anthony Bourdain (at age 2 she declared: “Tony is my best friend”), Chopped, Cupcake Wars, and pretty much any other food related show we will let her watch.

She got a kitchen for her birthday:

But  one of her favorite pastimes is [...]

Little Library

The fact that this exists at all fills my heart with joy.

That we found this on the sidewalk in our new neighborhood… well that’s just too cool.

Check out the little free library.


what’s awesome in your world?

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Still standing

battered bruised scarred tenacious beautiful Inspired by a butterfly.

February was a difficult month. We moved, which is always stressful, and then there was all the homework for school, and all that was compounded by my illness and two hospitalizations during the month. My mom ended up coming out for a couple weeks, and that [...]