Blogging – and women’s history

Blogging allows us to make our mark on the world. To show that we exist. To have a voice and have it heard. To contribute to the ongoing story of the human race.

beautiful like me


The Beautiful Like Me Project was started to discuss self-esteem and body image in today’s youth.  WickedStepMom, Tricia at Shout, and Amy at FiveFlowerMom – along with several other bloggers – are tackling this issue over the next few Mondays. This weeks question: “What do today’s children and teens feel pressured to imitate?  Why?” “Choose …

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beautiful like me - CoffeeJitters.Net

Beautiful Like Me

Does how we look at ourselves effect how the next generation looks at themselves?

Whidbey Island Writers Association

Women Authoring Change – Whidbey Island Writers Association

Whidbey Island Writers Association hosts an open house the first Tuesday of every month at the Rockhopper in Clinton. This Tuesday I hopped on a ferry to Whidbey Island to attend the meeting. I’m so glad I did. The focus of the July meeting was Hedgebrook, a retreat for women writers that is located on …

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