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Considering braces? Maybe it’s time to go wireless

I had braces as a kid, and it wasn’t pretty. As if being twelve wasn’t awkward enough, I had braces for years, and they came with headgear. My dad used to joke about using me to improve the TV’s reception.

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Authentic Success

When I think of the effort it took to extract myself from group-think and learn to evaluate all the information, rather than only considering that which reinforced the group’s position, I consider my daughter and her development. How do I teach her that she does not have to feel guilty for thoroughly considering information available to her, and coming to a different conclusion from me?

For My Daughter

Sometimes our memories of events become skewed. They get all tangled up in the emotions we were feeling at the time, and the actual facts, the actual words, get lost in the chaos as our brain set’s the memory and files it away for future reference. Someday in the future you may ask me what …

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writer mama by Christina Katz

Book Review: Writer Mama: how to raise a writing career alongside your kids

Have you ever thought about making a living as a writer?  That thought has been a constant companion of mine for the past 25 years.  Yes, 25 years, and it was just about exactly one year ago that I actually started doing something about it. Now with a little one on the way, I wondered …

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