Raindrops on Flower Petals

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After the Rain

This weekend was gorgeous. We had record breaking highs to accompany the crowds at the street fair, and plenty of sunburn to go around. With the wonderful weather came the pollen, and the allergies. (And the sinus headache.) Last night it rained. It was such a relief: the water cleaning the air and leaving everything …

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In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

014, originally uploaded by coffeejitters. The late March snowstorm caught our attention today. Snow is rare for Seattle, even in the winter. We took these shots around Wallingford and the U-district. © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

fog rising over boenburg butte in palmer, alaska

Fog rising

Fog rising over the Bodenburg Butte  at sunrise Palmer, Alaska

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It’s been over 70 for the past three days in a row – and the first weekend without rain this year – causing Seattlites to cry “What is that great shining orb in the sky?!?” Thanks to the sunburns, today my office was filled with red noses and for the first time this year – …

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