Harmony Hill

I’ve spent the past two days working on a couple projects that have had me knee deep in photographs from the Young Survival Coalition. That’s had me a little emotional, to say the least: memories, faces, friends…

One of those projects a presentation on our getaway to the Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Center. I’ve just got to share a few of these photos.


There’s just something about the ability to get away from it all, and bond with the girls –


girls who have been through what I’ve been through…


at my age, rather than me being the youngest by 30 years…


Who knew getting our craft on would be so cathartic?


or so much fun


We noshed on homegrown vegetarian fare


Wined a bit


Practiced a little yoga


enjoyed the scenery



and got a little clarity.



The words on the back of our jackets:

“When it hurts
to look back,
And you’re scared
to look ahead,
Look beside you…
your friends
will be there.”


You can learn more about my cancer story here:

my cancer story | Judy Schwartz Haley


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Bagpipes and the Sea

Bagpipes and the Sea

Beautiful day by the ocean in Moclips, Washington.

The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot.

Aaron got out his bagpipes and played to the sea. It’s not so loud when the pipes are competing with the surf…

bagpipes and the sea

There was quite a bit of wind stirring the dust and sand, and making for some interesting visual effects.

baby and bagpiper on the beach


bagpiper on the beach

And of course we had the cutest little photobomber…

bagpiper and baby photobomber



We saw so much beauty and variety on our trip from Seattle to Alaska, but the predominant color was most definitely green.


Yes, I know I should label all the pictures with the specific locations where they were taken. Maybe next time I take a trip, I’ll take better notes to accompany the photos.  Or, even better, I’ll have a camera that records GPS coordinates in the photo’s metadata. I’m all for technology that allows me to be even more lazy.

Somebody big was napping here

Somebody big was napping here

Walking on a boardwalk on the wild side of the river in Leavenworth, I encountered this very large matted area in the grass – it was about four feet in diameter.  My first thought was that something very large must have been napping in this space, after which I proceed directly into the woods…

where the bear was napping - CoffeeJitters.Net

and then I came to this sign:

beware of bears - CoffeeJitters

The missing word on that sign couldn’t possibly be bears…


We’ve seen quite a few bears on this trip, but none while I was wandering around on foot. I was always safely encased in the car.