Snow falls softly

It snowed!     I love the hush that comes with the snow. So peaceful.

First world problems: snow edition

I didn’t mind the snowstorm much at all. It was a minor inconvenience, combined with a bevy of benefits. My husband at home for a few extra days. Family play time in the snow. A little girl’s first snowman. Soup with grilled sandwiches. Hot chocolate (Gem would be sure to verify that her’s was “warm”). …

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Snow Angel

It’s not her first snow, but perhaps the first she remembers. She offers up snowballs as precious gifts, then tosses them up in the air like so much confetti, squealing and laughing as the snow tickles her face. And when she catches a snowflake on her glove, she blows it away, and says “make a …

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Snow Day at University Village


Gem’s first day playing in the snow. Toes! (just checking to make sure they’re still there.)

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