normalizing - in a good way

Normalizing – in a good way

“People give you 3 months to mourn, and a year to have cancer, then they expect you to get back to normal.” I don’t know where I heard this quote first, but I’ve experienced the truth of the statement both in terms of mourning and cancer recovery. It’s not that I’m faced with the reality …

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Thich Nhat Hanh said: “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” This weekend, I’m planning on making a few laps around this tree with that thought in mind. This labyrinth, and the Harmony Hill retreat center where it resides, is one of my favorite places in all of Washington. I’m also …

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Photography as a meditation

I stalk the light, and the world fades away. There is only this moment, this camera, this flower, this light. Which camera? Irrelevant: an old beater, camera phone, DSLR… it doesn’t matter. The flower – deconstructed petal, stamen, line, curve, color. I capture the light, not the flower The way the light moves and flexes, …

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Inspired | Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters


It was a grey, blustery day, perfectly suited to my grey, blustery mood. I was dragging my cranky toddler and cantankerous husband through that most soul-suckingly dreadful chore: grocery shopping. All the while I was complaining about the fatigue I’m still battling, and my ever growing list of things I STILL haven’t gotten done yet. …

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Meme & Company

First of all a note about the weather: This is Seattle people, it rains here. There is no reason whatsover to be driving 20 MPH on I-5 just because it rains. It rains all the time. That’s what we’re famous for. Get over it or get off the road. Once I arrived at my appointment, …

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