A sudden gradual change of seasons

Autumn always sneaks up on me.


Back to school sales start when the temps are still in the 90s. The thought of wearing leather, or wool, or flannel is laughable. The sun sets a little earlier, but not so early as to impact my day. And the trees might start to take on a little more color, but I’m never really sure whether it’s because fall is coming, or that we just went six weeks without rain.

*Seattlites don’t really want outsiders to know that it rarely rains here in August and September, so shhhh…. let’s just keep this between us.


We live on a little lake, populated by ducks year round. Theses ducks are a part of our landscape, any time of year. In the spring, they’re accompanied by ducklings, following their mama around the lake, until one day I notice that mama duck is accompanied by smaller ducks. By the time fall comes around, I can no longer distinguish the parents from their offspring.


The trees around the lake are just starting to show a hint of red and gold. The color change happens gradually, but I never experience it that way. One morning, in the not too distant future, I will look out over a brightly colored landscape and wonder when this transformation occurred.

It happens this way every year.

Just as every few months I look at my daughter and wonder when did she get so big, but she was maturing right under my nose all along.

As the sun sets on summer

As the sun sets on summer

I spent a little time in the hammock this summer, even more time on the couch. I have always loved the languid, laid back, mellow qualities of summer. But as much as I love this season, I’m usually ready for it to end about this time of year.

as the sun sets on summer

As the sun sets on summer, I’m looking forward to fall. The season of back to school has always connected with ideas of fresh starts, forward motion, and momentum for me. This is the time of year when we buckle down and focus. We re-establish routines, and get serious about getting things done.

My last does of Taxol was truncated after just a few minutes, so it’s been a month since I received a full dose of chemo. The unscheduled break is over, it’s time to restart this seek and destroy mission against those cancer cells. Tomorrow I go back in and we will start a new type of chemotherapy. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and make some progress in this battle.

Water Fowl in the Snow

water birds in the snow

This city is just not equipped to handle snow; everything shuts down and only major arterials are plowed. The accumulation this year is really out of the ordinary, and this weather has lasted longer than I remember as well.

We had to get out of the house yesterday, so we walked to the lake.  The snow was deep enough that the one block hike was exhausting.

I was blown away by the number of birds in the water.  I can always count on this spot for some bird watching, but not this many birds.

birds on lake union in the snow

ducks on lake union in the snow

snowy ducks and houseboats

birds trees boats snow