How she got a carnival with pony rides for her 4th birthday

Motherhood can pack a walloping dose of guilt at times, especially when your 4-year-old’s birthday lands at a particularly inconvenient moment with regards to time, money, health, energy, or even a working phone. This sense of guilt can then be further intensified when she patiently and politely reminds you 2 months later that you promised …

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This was from a party last Christmas, but still among my favorite pictures of the Little Angel. Here’s wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season. ww linkup is on page 2

dinosaur ballerina birthday party

Dinosaur Ballerina Birthday Party

I posted on Facebook that Gem wants to be a dinosaur ballerina when she grows up, and my cousins responded with shock. The shock, it turns out, was appropriate. Unbenknownst to us, they were in the midst of planning a dinosaur ballerina birthday party for their soon-to-be 3-year-old. Their little girl is even more crazy …

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How important is it to throw a party anyway? I didn’t even think it was on her radar, but then a few weeks ago, as my daughter was explaining to a random cafe customer that she’s almost three and going to have a birthday party with a cake and presents and candles and new dress and and and [deep breath] and and and and

Party like a Pirate

Saturday night we celebrated Captain RedBeard’s birthday. By Captain RedBeard, I mean my little brother, Timmy (Pronounced timMAY! a la South Park). We celebrated with a pirate themed pub crawl through some of Seattle’s finest drinking establishments, led by the soon-to-be Mrs. RedBeard, Mel. Mr. H and I dressed the part as well. What? You’ve …

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