Describe Parenthood using only movie titles

Describe Parenthood Using Only Movie Titles

I invited friends to describe parenthood using only the titles of movies, and the results were hilarious.

Must See Movies lists the following 102 must see movies… I’m really quite surprized by how few of these movies I’ve seen – or even heard of. saw it “2001: a space odyssey“(1968) Stanley Kubrick – If you haven’t seen this movie – do so. Yes it’s boring and it doesn’t make sense. You just really need …

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The Constant Gardener

We got a new delivery from netflix last night: The Constant Gardener, The Aristocrats, and some Pride Fight or UFC thing for Mr.H. (I never check my queue so I never know what’s coming next from netflix – it’s kinda fun that way.) The first thing that struck me about The Constant Gardener was the …

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deep sea 3d

Deep Sea 3D

I got off work a little early today so I met up with Mr.H at Uptown Espresso (highly recommended by the way). We putzed around Belltown for a while trying to decide what to do and then wandered over to the Pacific Science Center to check it out. As it turns out, the displays were …

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"War of the Worlds" & "Murderball"

We watched two movies tonight. The first was “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise. The movie was exactly what I expected it to be – but Spielberg is so skilled with tension and pacing, it kept me rivited throughout. The second movie was really interesting. “Murderball” is a documentary about parapalegic rugby and the …

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