Work of Art

Mom brought over a gift for Gem the other day, a gift she made by hand. My mother is an artist.   One Year Ago: Tullys, Seattle

Karen Schwartz

All In The Family

Sometimes I think my daughter looks just like my mother   Happy Birthday Mom!

Four Generations

hand-me-down sweater - CoffeeJitters.Net

Goodies: Hand-Me-Down Sweater

My mother dressed me in this sweater when I was an infant.  Once I grew out of it, she packed it away and saved it for me.  It’s been 38 years and I can hardly wait to dress my daughter in this sweater.  18 more weeks to go.

Karen Lu Schwartz and Michael H. Schwartz

Happy Birthday Mom

Karen Lu Schwartz For more about Mom: My Mother’s Gift The Birds and the Bees Mom in Ballard  

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